Corie Ralston

My Published stories


~ physics metaphor as applied to the human experience ~

​~ be careful about giving your heart away, because something else might grow in its place ~


Allegory,  November 2018
We humans are consummate imitators. And sometimes it takes a ghost to show us the damage that can cause. 
Abyss & Apex,  January 2015
Yann Martel said of his brilliant novel  Life of Pi: "Life is a story... You can choose your story." This is my homage to Life of Pi. 
First place, Diamond Light Source short story contest, January 2012
I made my science fiction debut when I wrote the school play in fifth grade. It was about a giant, humanoid time-traveling potato. I'd like to say I've grown a lot as a writer since then. But this story is about a giant, humanoid, space-faring slug, so maybe not. 
Scape Magazine, October 2011
Even meteorites that might be aliens. 
Beneath Ceaseless Skies, January 2011
Falling far from the tree might make the tree upset. A podcast was also made of this story and can be found here
Khimairal Ink, January 2011
Having a little fun with perceptions about gender and style.
​Clarkesworld Magazine, June 2009
Paper hearts, candy hearts. Why not give your actual heart?
Ken*again, April 2009
Someone once told me that there are five things you need to say to someone before they die: 1) I forgive you,  2) Please forgive me, 3) Thank you, 4) I love you, and 5) Goodbye. This story is one of my few non-speculative fiction stories, and it's about those five things. 
Aoife's Kiss Magazine, March 2009
My one and only "horror" piece to date. But it's really about how there is good and evil in everyone, and hurting people tends to bring out the evil. 
Strange Horizons, January 2008
Alien relations. Maybe too many relations. 
Allegory Magazine, January 2008
It's so easy to divide the world into good and evil. Growing up means being brave enough not to do that. 
Lady Churchill's Rosebid Wristlet, November 2007
My attempt at being very literary. But I do think there is something to be said for the transitions in life, and how they are the times we are most aware, the times we feel that we are closer to a higher truth, the times that stick to us like lint on a sweater, which we sometimes don't notice until after the day is over. 
Allegory Magazine, April 2007
I wrote this story after spending a week with my sister, helping with her two children (then two and just past zero), and discovering how unbelievably hard it is to raise children. 
First place, SFReader contest, December 2005
Can religion make us better people, or as Richard Hitchens asserts, does "Religion Poison Everything". Still undecided on that. But at any rate,  I do hope that ten years from now we don't still have anti-gay hysteria fueled by religion. 
Turbocharged Fortune Cookie, November 2004
This remains one of my own favorites. It is a very personal story, and it is told through the lens of physics metaphor. 
Why I Hate Aliens anthology, Stone Garden Publishing, December 2003
Yes, named after the song. 
The Leading Edge, October 2003
This is my first (and only) poem. I don't think it is that good, but I like the sentiment. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that's what makes us all beautiful. 
Strange Horizons, August 2002
My first professional publication. Wow, was that exciting! And the story, in retrospect (looking back), tells me a lot about myself and my relationships at that point in my life. 
Electric Wine, March 2001
Wrote this one after learning the game of craps, experiencing the thrill of winning (keeps you playing) and the despair of losing (keeps you playing). Maybe an institution other than Vegas could take advantage of this very human compulsion, eh?
Antipodean SF, February 2000
I've always liked this weird little piece. The flavors of New York city, as sampled by something alien.
Dark Planet, March 2000
Sometimes being desperately in love can feel like being haunted.