Corie Ralston

Nothing is too wonderful to be true

If writing is a way to emotionally understand our world, then science is a way to practically understand our world. And science is more than that to me: it is a way of exploring and creating and learning how to think. It uses the best of our human nature.  It is a continual source of awe. 
Full quote: "Nothing is too wonderful to be true, ‚Äčif it be consistent with the laws of nature; and in such things as these experiment is the best test of such consistency."

- Michael Faraday
 I am privileged to work at the Advanced Light Source (picture above) in the beautiful Bay Area. This is ‚Äčan amazing tool a that provides x-rays for all kinds of experiments and supports the resaerch of scientists from all around the country. Here is some of the work made possible by the synchrotron: detecting contaminants in soil samples, imaging live cells, determining protein structure for the purpose of designing drugs to cure diseases, building nano-gears out of polymers, studying the composition of space dust, increasing the efficiency of solar cells. I current head the Berkeley Center for Structural Biology there. 
I've written about my experience as a female scientist in the She's Such a Geek Anthology, and in a couple of essays I wrote for UC Davis Magazine: The Edge of Town and A Reluctant TA. I've also written a couple of non-fiction essays for Strange Horizons magazine: "X-Ray Vision: Not Just for Superman Anymore," and "Who's Afraid of Nanotech?"