Corie Ralston

‚ÄčI was part of the amazing Moon Dragon Cuong Nhu dojo for many years, and the photos and videos below are from then. Currently, I am training in Krav Maga in order to focus specifically on self-defense. I still hang with my dojo mates and love those guys! I'll get back to Cuong Nhu in  a few years. 

Board breaking for my black belt test in May 2012. If at first you don't succeed...well, watch the video to see. 

Board breaking Bad

Left: Corie and Dave throw each other around

Middle: Corie breaks a board with a flying kick

Right: Corie's Dad beaks a board!

Here is the first half of my demo for my black belt. No one was actually hurt!

A very silly video about the name of our dojo...this explains why the name was changed to Moon Dragon.

Brown belt test, Feb 2010. 
First brown stripe on the green belt, March 2008.
General silliness at karate camp. 
Second  brown stripe on the green belt, Feb 2009.
Going for the green belt, May 2007.